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XpressO is a unique digital application from MoCA cognition. It is an application that is intended to be used by a person who is looking for support on whether they should visit a clinician. It is accessed via a portal which contains general information about cognition and cognitive health. The person is required to perform 3 trials, each consisting of a placement task, where objects need to be selected and placed on a grid, a logical task which requires puzzle solving skills and finally, a memory task where the objects and order of the placement task have to be recalled. Based on the performance in these three trials a score is calculated and mapped to the MoCA paper test. Based on this mapping and the original studies to determine a MoCA cut-off score the patient is either prompted to visit a clinician or praised for the performance XpressO is not a diagnostic tool and should only be seen as an awareness tool that helps people collect information about their cognition that can subsequently be presented to their clinician.

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